Human emotions, and the ability to have the discipline to control them, are absolutely vital to the success of discretionary traders. Bias, fear, fatigue, impatience, and overconfidence can hurt manual traders’ ability to trade successfully and many spend lots of time and money trying to negate these human emotions by attending courses and reading books on trading psychology. While it is admirable for someone to attempt to improve themselves and their trading in this way, one should question if it is the best use of time, money, and other resources.

Our automated trading systems, or algorithms, can effectively give you a level of discipline that you can only dream of since its execution is precise and very fast. Secondly, our algorithms do not suffer from bias, fear, fatigue, impatience, overconfidence, or any negative human emotion for that matter since they are not human. So unless you are someone with a true do it yourself mentality that is determined to day trade manually for the rest of your life, please stop the madness. On the other hand, if your concern is more about making profits and reducing stress, then you should try one of our automated trading systems. Our algorithms will likely outperform you over the long haul if you are a day trader, and it will free up your time to pursue other things in life. Automate your trading and simplify your life by trading with Acumen.