Our Trading Strategy

All of our algorithms utilize a trend following strategy that aims to ride out trends in financial instruments for as long as possible while optimizing profits. Our fully automated algorithms trade in both long and short positions on a short term basis. We also do not manually intervene in any individual trades, as we prefer to make continuous adjustments to the algorithm itself to impact and improve our trading.

We offer our trading strategy in 2 different algorithmic managed futures programs that trade in many different futures contracts (ASX 200 Index, Hang Seng Index, DAX Index, Emini S&P 500, Crude Oil, Natural Gas, Gold, Copper, the Euro, the Australian Dollar, and others).  From a philosophical standpoint, we aspire for our trading strategy to be able to profit from all major intraday and short term price moves from the most volatile and liquid futures contracts. Please note that futures trading involves risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

Fully Automated

Our algorithms automatically trade the markets for you.

Automate Your Trading

We can fully automate your trading so that you can stay disciplined and avoid negative human emotions, such as fear, that hinder discretionary traders. No need to keep your eyes glued to the screen anymore!

Trend Following

Follow the major market trends with our algorithms.

Follow The Major Trends

Our algorithms take advantage of trending market conditions and attempt to ride these trends for as long as possible while keeping safeguards in place. We aspire to catch all major trends in an instrument.

Direction Neutral

Our algorithms make money in both up and down markets

Direction Doesn't Matter

Our systems attempt to profit on both long and short trades on a purely technical basis, so you can make money regardless of market direction while avoiding the pitfalls of market bias.

Day Trading

All of our algorithms trade on an intraday basis.

Day Trade With Us

We trade on an intraday basis, so you can take advantage of lower day margins while never having to worry about margin calls. Lower margins allow for efficient use of capital & potentially higher gains.

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